Our Corgi, Tetra

Tetra is six months old today. Well, really, six months and a day. I think pretty much all of our family and friends have met the cutest puppy to have ever existed. Ahem. I mean, our dog. But, if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting our crazy corgi yet, and in case someone pulled a bad April Fool’s prank on you.. here are some Tetra photos to brighten your day. ;)


She loves laying on her back with her little paws up in the air.


She was trying to figure out what I was doing while taking her picture. Every time my camera CLICKED to get the shot she would tilt her head right, and on the next CLICK tilt it left. So cute.


In other news, I have added about twenty new photographs to my Etsy shop. Drop in and check them out. :)


New Beginnings

I opened my Etsy shop about a week ago, but today I have finally uploaded several different prints. It’s called With Hart Photography. Currently, there are 8 photographs and I’m working on uploading a few more. By the end of the month I will try to have 15 prints up for sale in the shop. Here are a few photos that are available now:Jellyfish

Flower Photography


So there’s three of them! Check out the shop to see the rest. I have a “SHOP” link above and you can also click the link at the beginning of the post. On the right side of the page you’ll see “My Etsy Shop” and you can click on the square “I sell on Etsy” or any of the smaller photos.

And most importantly: thanks for checking it out! I’ll be using my website to keep friends & family updated with what’s happening in my shop and in my real world. As of now I’m searching for a new job and I’m excited to start this adventure with my shop to make some extra money on the side and fuel my creativity. :)

Check back regularly to see some new posts I have planned!